Fëonor Liadon

Wood Elf Rogue


Fëonor Liadon is a Wood Elf Rogue from the northern reaches of the Shilmista Forest.
A wild soul, Fëonor feels much more comfortable around animals than humans. She feels life is like the seasons – in constant change, and it is for us to deal with this.
Fëonor’s tribe of Wood Elves were attacked by Orcs from the Snowflake Mountains and their village destroyed.


Fëonor was born in the northern reaches of the Shilmista Forest, or ‘The Forest of Shadows’.
Early in her life, she was on a hunt in the Giant’s Plain, to the north of Shilmista, with her parents and brother, when they chanced across a dead she-wolf. Beneath the wolf’s body, protected by her last act, was a small elvish child. It was difficult to guess she was an elf, given her dishevelled state, but elf she was. The child was a Moon Elf, who had been found and adopted by the wolf’s pack. Fëonor’s parents adopted the child and gave her the name Morwen Faernaa, which means ‘Gift of the Wolves’.
The two grew up like sisters, along with their close friend Willow Arkensau. However, another hunting trip to the Giant’s Plain also proved fateful. Whilst hunting their village was over-run by Orcs and Ogres from the Snowflake Mountains. Finding devastation on their return, they chose to travel north, with the sole survivor, a Sun Elf from the southern Shilmista Forest, Althaea Galanodel.