Althaea Galanodel

Sun Elf Bard


Althaea Galanodel is a Sun Elf Bard and Entertainer from the northern Shilmista Forest.
She is easy to like; nobody stays angry at her for long, since she can defuse any amount of tension. She is creative – the world is in need of new ideas and bold action. She idolises Elbereth, the great king of Shilmista of old.


Althaea idolises the great elven king, Elbereth. Elbereth was the son of Galladel, who once ruled the Shilmista forest. The forest was once a part of the great elven forest kingdom of Keltormir. With Cadderly Bonaduce, Elbereth aroused the ancient trees of the forest with a powerful song of animation. With this, the elves were able to purge the forest of orcs, goblins, and other enemies